"Nobody in this industry knows what they’re doing, we just have a gut assumption." - Cliff Bleszinski

October 28, 2020

Exile Squadron noticed by GamesKeys.net

It's always nice to have your game noticed by different games outlets, and this is just what happened with my...
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June 16, 2020

Rolling Arcade has Officially Launched!

Although I rarely had the opportunity to play them, I always loved arcade cabinets. Playing a game on a massive...
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January 24, 2020

A Post-mortem

It’s the 24rd of January in 2020, the day I’m writing this post-mortem, and it’s been a little more than...
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September 25, 2019

Exile Squadron arriving to Steam

It is a big day today for Exile Squadron, and myself personally. The store page for the game has been...
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September 21, 2019

The first design of Exile Squadron. Also, weapons!

When I first started designing Exile Squadron, the game had a much more complicated scope, than what it has now....
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September 12, 2019

I am not dead yet. But I have a new game!

Long time no see… So, here we are, almost 3 years after the release of my first videogame called A...
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August 18, 2017

A Long Road Home in the Indie Gala Bundle

Although we are hard at work on our next project, that doesn't mean that we have forgotten about A Long...
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June 23, 2017

Summer Sale Has Launched on Every Platform – Buy A Long Road Home at 50% Off

The best time of the year for gamers has launched, which means only one thing: Summer Sales and huge discounts...
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April 7, 2017

Update 1.1. Released – Controller Support Added

And with the new update comes a fully realized controller support. If you are only willing to play an RPG Maker game with a controller, we've got you covered.
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March 20, 2017

Pay What You Want for A Long Road Home and Support AbleGamers Charity

A Long Road Home has been featured in a Pay What You Want deal for the next week. Head to IndieGameStand and grab a copy now!
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